Definition of a Return on Equity Ratio?

Answer The return on equity ratio is a tool used to measure the financial well-being of a company. The ratio measures how much money a company earns compared to how much shareholder equity is in the compa... Read More »

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Return on Equity Ratio Meaning?

The return on equity ratio is one of several ratios that provide investors with a snapshot of company performance. A company's ROE compares earnings to shareholder equity to provide a picture of ma... Read More »

Equity Per Share Ratio?

When trolling through the ocean of information available on common stock investments, "equity per share" is one number that you should take into account. There is a simple way of calculating this n... Read More »

Gross Sales to Equity Ratio?

The gross sales-to-equity ratio is an operating performance ratio used in financial analysis of organizations that generate sales. The ratio measures key relationships in a company's day-to-day ope... Read More »

Fixed Assets to Equity Ratio?

All businesses require assets to generate revenues. However, the particular assets a business chooses to employ varies greatly from one industry to another, as does the manner in which a firm fina... Read More »