Definition of a Public Switched Telephone Network?

Answer The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the worldwide landline telephone network where calls are routed through an interconnected circuit-switched network. The PSTN is sometimes referred to... Read More »

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How is a PBX different/same from the public telephone network?

PSTN stand for "Public Switched Telephone Network".Note the word "Public". PSTN is a public telephone accessed network.PSTN is part of a large nationwide (and world-wide) network of telephone syst... Read More »

When was the last time you used a public telephone?

It's been years...and from what I can remember, I wouldn't like to use one ever again.I can remember the smell of them and the stink of wee in the phone box...yuk!

How can i find out if my 52 inch t.v can be switched to high definition t.v?

"STB" stands for Set Top Box, such as a cable box or other video device that would normally sit on top of a TV. An HD cable box would have the connectors necessary to feed an HDTV. Look on the back... Read More »

The current telephone network used is now?

In motors Electric current is supplied to the commutator through the .......