Definition of a Public Switched Telephone Network?

Answer The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the worldwide landline telephone network where calls are routed through an interconnected circuit-switched network. The PSTN is sometimes referred to... Read More »

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How is a PBX different/same from the public telephone network?

PSTN stand for "Public Switched Telephone Network".Note the word "Public". PSTN is a public telephone accessed network.PSTN is part of a large nationwide (and world-wide) network of telephone syst... Read More »

How can i find out if my 52 inch t.v can be switched to high definition t.v?

"STB" stands for Set Top Box, such as a cable box or other video device that would normally sit on top of a TV. An HD cable box would have the connectors necessary to feed an HDTV. Look on the back... Read More »

When was the last time you used a public telephone?

It's been years...and from what I can remember, I wouldn't like to use one ever again.I can remember the smell of them and the stink of wee in the phone box...yuk!

The current telephone network used is now?

In motors Electric current is supplied to the commutator through the .......