Definition of a Liquidation Sale?

Answer Liquidation sales are an opportunity for consumers to purchase products at rock-bottom prices, but people are not always clear on what a liquidation sale is.

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What is a liquidation sale?

In a liquidation sale, a company typically sells all of its inventory.ReasonsLiquidation sales typically occur when a company files for bankruptcy and needs cash to pay off creditors. Financially s... Read More »

How do I avoid liquidation of assets in a short sale?

Short sales are increasingly used as a solution to a pending foreclosure. If you sell your house "short" -- for less than the value of the outstanding loan on it -- in effect you owe your lender th... Read More »

What is liquidation value?

A liquidation value is the estimated value of assets in a company should it be sold for cash, according to the Investor Glossary. The glossary reports that liquidation values come in two types: dis... Read More »

What is the meaning of liquidation?

Liquidation is the process of selling off assets and using the proceeds to pay off any creditors. Economic concerns can be a just cause for liquidation. Sometimes a business will liquidate a branch... Read More »