Definition of a Forensic Sculptor?

Answer Forensic sculptors combine artistic talent with the training of a police investigator in order to identify crime victims. These specially trained artists often choose the profession of forensic art... Read More »

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What is a forensic sculptor?

According to the criminology website of Missouri State University, forensic sculptors work in conjunction with law-enforcement professionals and other forensic specialists " reconstruct faces,... Read More »

What is the definition of forensic pathology?

Forensic pathology is a specialty within the branch of medicine known as pathology, which studies disease. Forensic pathology studies the cause of death.Science of ForensicsForensics refers to the ... Read More »

Definition of Forensic Testing?

Forensic testing is the application of various types of sciences in order to answer questions for the legal system. Testing takes various shapes and forms; one of the most common modern approaches ... Read More »

Definition of Forensic Entomology?

Forensic entomology is most commonly used in crime scene investigation to determine the postmortem interval (PMI), commonly known as the "time since death," of a victim of a homicide. A certified f... Read More »