Definition of a Comparative Statement?

Answer Comparative statements gather and compare financial information from different time periods in an effort to determine financial changes and trends. Since the main objective of any business or compa... Read More »

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Importance of the Comparative Income Statement in an Annual Report?

There are three main financial statements published in the company annual report: the balance sheet, the cash flow statement and the income statement. The income statement provides an overview of c... Read More »

Definition of Comparative Financial Statements?

Comparative financial statements are accounting reports that show more than just the current-year activity or balances. The three major financial statements are the balance sheet, the income (or pr... Read More »

Definition of a HUD-1 Settlement Statement?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-1 settlement statement refers to a standard written document itemizing the transaction costs and settlement fees among buyers, sellers, settlem... Read More »

Definition of Narrative Statement?

In the ever-changing world of employment, narrative statements are a relatively new tool used to screen applicants. More involved and personal than an essay or statement of objective, narrative sta... Read More »