Definition of Transverse Waves in Physics?

Answer Wave energy, such as sound or pond ripples, moves through substances in one of two different ways: transversely and longitudinally. Transverse waves move up and down or side to side; longitudinal w... Read More »

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Transverse Waves in Physics?

Waves are disturbances that travel and transfer energy with no net displacement of their surroundings. Mechanical waves transfer energy by oscillating their surroundings, but the surroundings retur... Read More »

How to Add Waves in Physics?

Waves are more complex in physics than definable objects. Objects exist in a certain place and time, and forces on and caused by those objects can be determined algebraically. Waves are 2 dimension... Read More »

Branches of physics and their definition?

Classical Physics Classical Mechanics (Newtonian Mechanics)- study of motion and forces. Electromagnitism- Study of electricity and magnetism. Statistical Mechanics- Study of theoretical predicti... Read More »

How to Go to Physics College if You Didn't Have Physics in High School?

Physics is science based on logic and common sense and High School Physics does not require a great deal of external help/advanced expertise to understand. But how universities are going to know wh... Read More »