Definition of Salaries Payable?

Answer Businesses rely on their workforce to keep the business operating. Companies invest time to recruit those employees with the highest skill level and the best fit for the company culture. In exchang... Read More »

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How to Do Accounts Payable?

Some companies handle accounts payable with a dedicated department equipped with state-of-the-art accounting software. For others, accounts payable is tracked by the owner in a spiral notebook. Reg... Read More »

Is VAT payable on used cars?

Whether value added tax, or VAT, is payable on used cars depends on whether you buy from a dealer or an individual. If you buy from an individual, no VAT is due. If you buy from a dealer, it depend... Read More »

What Does Payable in Arrears Mean?

When dealing with finances there are generally two different types of payments: payment in advance and payment in arrears. Each payment type has its own unique purpose based on the general contract... Read More »

What does"accounts payable"mean?

Accounts payable is a business accounting term for bills that a company owes and must pay, according to the website Investor Words. The bills can be for goods or services and is considered a curren... Read More »