Definition of Rays in Geometry?

Answer Around 300 B.C., Euclid wrote one of the world's most influential books on mathematics. It has been translated into every major language and reprinted thousands of times. The "Elements" was origina... Read More »

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What do Blu-rays look like on standard definition TVs?

The truth of the matter is that if you don't have a HDTV then the limiting factor is going to be the connection to the TV. The cables that you have connecting the PS3 to the TV are standard definit... Read More »

When did x-rays come out?

While researching cathode rays, German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered that certain objects became transparent when the rays were aimed at them toward a photographic plate. In late 1895... Read More »

How are x-rays used?

A nurse or technician positions an X-ray film plate underneath the part of your body that has been injured and a tiny amount of radiation passes through your body, transferring an image onto the fi... Read More »

How to Get Help With Geometry?

Geometry can be a difficult subject for any child. Studying for this subject is different from other subjects since it does not involve memorization of names, dates or vocabulary. Instead, you have... Read More »