Definition of Moral Behavior in Business?

Answer Businesses that operate under the premise that the organization has a responsibility to make money in a way that shows regard for society understand the concept of moral behavior. These businesses ... Read More »

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Moral Leadership in Business?

Since the time of Machiavelli, captains of business and industry have debated the differences between leadership in general and what constitutes moral leadership. While "The Prince" epitomizes the ... Read More »

What is the definition of moral philosophy?

Moral philosophy is the study of ethics, or how we live our lives. The school of moral philosophy is generally divided into three categories: meta-ethics, the study of moral reasoning; normative et... Read More »

The Definition of Moral Leader?

Moral leadership describes how leaders make decisions according to beliefs about right and wrong. They will make moral and ethical decisions based on their interpretation of organizational values. ... Read More »

Moral Leadership and Business Ethics?

Moral leadership, guided by clearly defined business ethics, is essential for the modern commercial environment. Business leaders have multiple spheres of responsibility, and a code of ethics allow... Read More »