Definition of Marriage Annulment?

Answer Annulment is a legal term referring to the termination of a marriage and declaring it "null and void," as if it had never occurred. Annulment can, legally speaking, only refer to the nullification ... Read More »

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What is a marriage annulment?

Some couples who wish to end their marriages may be able to choose annulment rather than divorce. Divorce is used to end a legitimate marriage, while annulment is used to essentially void a marriag... Read More »

Marriage Annulment Procedures?

While both divorces and annulments end marriages, annulments actually nullify the marriage. This means that both parties typically regain single status, rather than divorced status. The annulment p... Read More »

How to Get an Annulment After 9 Months of Marriage?

When determining whether or not to grant an annulment, most state courts are more concerned with the grounds one spouse presents for annulment than with the length of the marriage. Whether you've b... Read More »

Colorado Marriage Annulment Laws?

Marriages can end in one of three way: the death of a spouse, divorce or annulment. Like divorce, annulments are legally recognized and granted only in specific circumstances. In Colorado, annulmen... Read More »