Definition of Incorporation and Corporation?

Answer The term "corporation" describes any business that has successfully filed articles of incorporation, a company charter and a set of by-laws. In legal terminology, "incorporation" is defined as the ... Read More »

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What is the difference of incorporation&corporation?

Incorporation refers to the process necessary to form a corporation. As indicated on, the most important aspect of a corporation refers to its consideration as a separate legal entity... Read More »

What is the definition of incorporation?

Advertisers and business consultants often encourage entrepreneurs to incorporate, and large corporations dominate the business landscape. Despite the omnipresence of corporations, many people wond... Read More »

Doctrine of Incorporation Definition?

The doctrine of incorporation is a doctrine of constitutional law which assumes that many of the amendments included in the Bill of Rights are imposed upon states. The modern doctrine finds its jus... Read More »

Articles of Incorporation Vs. Certificate of Incorporation?

Articles of incorporation comprise a disclosure of facts to the agency of a state responsible for sanctioning the formation of corporations--usually the secretary of state. When a corporation forms... Read More »