Definition of Hydrogenated Oil?

Answer Hydrogenation is a high-tech process where the molecular structure of a fat is so altered that the fat becomes “hardened.” This process is used quite intensively for the processing of vegetable... Read More »

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Is it true that Soy milk contains trans fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats)?

Hydrogenated fats are, in fact, very bad for you. Hydrogenation causes typically unsaturated fats to become saturated. Trans fatty acids are also created by the hydrogenation process. To answer you... Read More »

Is hydrogenated vegetable oil bad for you?

On One Hand: Frequent Use Is Considered UnhealthyThe use of even two grams of hydrogenated vegetable oil increases the chance of heart disease by 23 percent, according to Danish cardiologist, Steen... Read More »

Is palm oil hydrogenated?

Hydrogenation is an artificial process used to solidify liquid unsaturated fats at room temperature. Palm oil is about 50 percent saturated and naturally more solid at room temperature, making hydr... Read More »

How is hydrogenated oil made?

Found in many commercially made snacks and processed foods, vegetable margarine and shortening are examples of hydrogenated oils. Commonly hydrogenated oils include palm, coconut and soybean oils. ... Read More »