Definition of Humus in Top Soil?

Answer Humus is the unsung hero of the gardening world---the dark, earthy stuff that transforms ordinary topsoil into a rich planting medium. When you think of humus, think of a leaf-strewn forest floor a... Read More »

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Does top soil contain humus?

Topsoil contains humus, or organic matter from decomposition. Topsoil is also called the A horizon, which is a layer of a mature soil system. The A horizon is the most fertile layer and has a dark ... Read More »

In what ways is humus important to the soil?

Humus is the end result of organic matter breaking down in the soil or in a compost pile. Humus is "fluffy", it soaks up water like a sponge and has a tremendous surface area packed into a small sp... Read More »

Definition of Soil Bacteria?

Bacteria are unicellular microscopic organisms. In general, they are 4/100,000 of an inch wide (1 µm) and relatively longer in length. These microbes are found in great abundance in the soil. Acco... Read More »

The Definition of a Soil Profile?

A soil profile is the horizontal arrangement of layers of differentially weathered materials below the surface of the soil. Each layer is called a soil "horizon," and each horizon has different soi... Read More »