Definition of Forensic Entomology?

Answer Forensic entomology is most commonly used in crime scene investigation to determine the postmortem interval (PMI), commonly known as the "time since death," of a victim of a homicide. A certified f... Read More »

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When did forensic entomology get discovered?

The first use of forensic entomology was in 1855 in France by a scientist named Bergeret. Bergeret studied the bugs that were found on a baby's body in order to determine when the child died. This ... Read More »

Forensic Entomology Activities?

Forensic entomology is applying the study of certain insects to help with criminal investigations. A forensic entomologist may be required to identify insects at different phases of their life cycl... Read More »

The Educational Requirements for Forensic Entomology?

Forensic entomology can be broadly defined as the scientific study of insects and other arthropod species as it relates to the law. A bachelor of science is the minimum degree for an entomologist, ... Read More »

Colleges That Offer Forensic Entomology?

Forensic entomology is the study the insects found in decomposing remains as an aid to legal investigations. The field can be divided into three general areas: medicolegal forensic entomology, whic... Read More »