Definition of Footers & Footnotes in Microsoft Word?

Answer At first glance, footers and footnotes are easily confused. Footers and footnotes both appear at the bottom of document pages, separated from the rest of the text, but the similarity ends there. Ea... Read More »

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How do i have different footers on a word document?

Create Section BreaksClick inside the last page before the section in which you want a different footer. Go to the "Insert" menu in Word 2003 and click "Break." Select "Next Page" under "Section Br... Read More »

How do I add footers in Word 2007?

Method 1: Double-ClickDouble-click anywhere in the bottom margin--the blank space at the very bottom of the page. The footer will activate, and the blinking insertion point will appear within the f... Read More »

How do I add different footers in Word 2007?

Create a Section BreakClick the end of the page prior to the one to which you want to add a different footer. Go to the "Page Layout" tab. Click "Breaks" in the "Page Setup" group and select "Next ... Read More »

How to Change Footers in Word 2007 on Each Page?

It's no secret that formatting Word documents can sometimes get a little confusing, such as if you are trying to customize headers and footers. This can get particularly difficult for new users who... Read More »