Definition of Fleet Insurance?

Answer Fleet Insurance is insurance coverage that a company buys to cover all of its vehicles. It can be a large number of vehicles, or it can be a small number (six or less is a mini fleet). This commerc... Read More »

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Does fleet auto insurance cover you after business hours?

Answer Yes, maybe, what kind of fleet? Does your co allow you to use the vehicle after hours? Regarding a co car...Yes.

Would I be covered on a business fleet insurance policy if I am not listed as a driver?

In terms of Auto Liability...this depends....1. Does the policy excluded unscheduled drivers? If so, no coverage for you.2. Did you have permission to use the vehicle? If not, no coverage for you.I... Read More »

Definition of PPO Insurance?

PPOs, or Preferred Provider Organizations, are health care plans with some of the features of HMOs, or Health Maintenance Organizations. Though usually more expensive, they are generally more flexi... Read More »

What is the definition of insurance?

Main Entry: 1in·sur·ance Pronunciation: \in-ˈshu̇r-É™n(t)s also ˈin-ËŒ\ Function: noun Date: 1651 1 a: the business of insuring persons or property b: coverage by contract whereby one party ... Read More »