Definition of External Debt?

Answer External debt is the component of a country's overall debt that is owned by creditors outside of the country. External debt can be owed by corporations, governments or individuals. In the case of s... Read More »

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What Is the Meaning of External Debt?

External debt is the money owed by a nation to creditors outside its borders. This differs from internal debt, which is owed to creditors within the country. Developing an export economy and using ... Read More »

Which country has the highest external debt?

The country with the highest external debt is the United States, with a debt of more than $13 trillion. The country that has the highest external debt as a percentage of its gross domestic product ... Read More »

External Respiration Definition?

External respiration is the process by which all living things exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with their environments and is commonly known as breathing. In animals the process is oxygen absorp... Read More »

Definition of Net Debt?

A company borrows from financial market participants or private investors in order to fund short-term operating activities or long-term expansion projects. Calculating a company's net debt helps se... Read More »