Definition of Drive Shaft?

Answer The drive shaft is a mechanical shaft or pole that transmits mechanical power from an engine to a vehicle's wheels. The shaft is equipped with rotating gear apparatus at both ends that connect to b... Read More »

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How to Remove the Rear Drive Shaft From a Subaru All Wheel Drive?

Removing the rear drive shaft or propeller shaft from your all-wheel-drive Subaru may vary depending on the model, but the basic system is the same across the Subaru line. The all-wheel-drive syste... Read More »

Shaft Drive vs. Belt Drive?

All motorcycles use one of three technologies to transfer power from the engine to the back wheel: chain drive, belt drive or shaft drive. Chain-drive has been around as long as the motorcycle has.... Read More »

What Is a Drive Shaft?

A drive shaft is an elongated round shaft, usually made of steel, that runs from the engine to gears that turn the wheels of a vehicle. The pistons of an engine transfer their power to a set of gea... Read More »

The Parts of a Drive Shaft?

A vehicle's drive shaft connects related engine components of the drive train. This connection is necessary to allow relative movement of mechanical parts that do not come into contact with each ot... Read More »