Definition of Different Grips on Football Gloves?

Answer In 1981, the NFL banned a substance called Stickum in reaction to cornerback Lester Hayes's extroverted custom of slathering the yellow gunk all over his hands, forearms and jersey. Players who had... Read More »

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What is in football gloves?

Early gloves were made of neoprene or another form of synthetic fabric. Modern football gloves, however, are made and padded with leather. Receivers have a sticky surface on their gloves. Linemen h... Read More »

How to Customize Football Gloves?

Customizing football gloves is something that most players who wear gloves like to do. Customizing the gloves will allow the player to express himself as an individual while at the same time being ... Read More »

How do I wash Under Armour football gloves?

Place each football glove into a separate mesh garment bag. Alternatively, use nylon stockings.Put the gloves into a washing machine and add 1/4 cup of laundry detergent. Use the cold water and gen... Read More »

How to Change Motorcycle Grips to ISO-Grips?

ISO-grips for motorcycles can absorb vibrations conducted to the handle during driving, which makes them ideal for beating hand fatigue during long drives. They are designed with soft, non-slip sur... Read More »