Definition of Citizen's Arrest?

Answer Though it might seem to be politically incorrect, a certain amount of "vigilante behavior" is actually legal. The behavior is called a "citizen's arrest" and has taken place for hundreds of years. ... Read More »

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Definition of a Mandatory Arrest?

Mandatory arrest laws refer to the legal duty of police to make an arrest if the officer has reason to believe a domestic violence act has been committed (see References 2). A domestic violence act... Read More »

Legal Definition of Arrest?

While most people think of an arrest as the police handcuffing you and taking you to jail, the legal definition of arrest is broader. The Fourth Amendment in the Constitution governs arrests, and w... Read More »

Definition of an Arrest Warrant?

Arrest warrants are issued by a court of law to those suspected of committing either a misdemeanor or felony crime when a police officer is not present to witness the crime. After issuing an arrest... Read More »

Definition of Warrantless Arrest?

In most cases, police officers are required by law to have a warrant to enter a home and make an arrest. However, there are instances when an officer does not need a warrant to enter a home to mak... Read More »