Define Voile?

Answer Voile is a plain-weave, lightweight fabric that is semi-transparent. It is most often made from one hundred percent cotton though is may be made from rayon or silk. It is often used for making dres... Read More »

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How to Get the Wrinkles Out of Voile?

Voile is a fabric used in a number of applications, but most frequently apparel such as dresses. It is often a combination of fibers, such as cotton, polyester and silk. It is typically lightweight... Read More »

What does voile mean in english?

Voile is a french word and in english it means Veil Hope this helped

What Is Voile Fabric?

Voile fabric is a lightweight plain-woven, dressy fabric that does not scratch the skin. With a sheer, opaque look, it is used to create volume under dresses, as a breathable summer skirt material... Read More »

What thread should be used with voile?

Voile is a semi-sheer, gauze-like fabric that is very delicate. It is usually made from silk, linen and/or cotton fibers. Because of its delicate nature, only fine cotton embroidery thread should b... Read More »