Define Jacuzzi?

Answer After a long day of challenging work, the best way to forget about daily problems is to relax. Some people find relaxation in reading books or gardening; others find a bath in the jacuzzi tub the b... Read More »

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How to Sanitize a Jacuzzi?

The chemical bromine is used to sanitize Jacuzzis and other hot tubs. Chlorine tablets (trichlor) aren't used, unlike in a swimming pool, because chlorine can be corrosive to the materials used in ... Read More »

How to Purchase a Jacuzzi?

Jacuzzi manufacturers create different shapes, sizes, depths, colors and materials for products. If you know the kind of Jacuzzi you want for your home, then the process of buying a Jacuzzi really ... Read More »

I dropped my i-pod in the jacuzzi...?

I don't think it is fixable. You might have to get a new one. Sorry

How to Set Jacuzzi & Hot Tub Timers?

Jacuzzi and hot tub timers are designed to be simple to adjust and very user-friendly. This allows you to quickly adjust the settings before entering the hot tub, and when your timer runs out, the ... Read More »