Define Glycerin?

Answer Glycerin is a versatile, naturally occurring substance with applications in science, food, health and personal care. Glycerin attracts water (it is hygroscopic) and dissolves well in water. ... Read More »

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Define Glycerin Soap?

If you suffer from dry, itchy or sensitive skin and are searching for a gentle cleansing product, pure glycerin soap may just be the answer. Manufactured from the humectant compound glycerin or gly... Read More »

How to Use Vegetable Glycerin to Define Natural Black Curls?

For those with naturally curly hair, humid days can leave you feeling a bit frizzy and out of control. And while there are hair products that promise to keep your curls shiny and in place, not all... Read More »

Is glycerin vegan?

Glycerin, an oil often used as a humectant in soap, is vegan when it is derived from non-animal sources like petroleum or vegetables. Common sources include palm kernel, coconut, soybean and canola... Read More »

Homemade Glycerin?

Glycerin is a sweet, colorless liquid in its pure form, and is a byproduct of the soap-making process. It is often incorporated back into many soaps and lotions after the soap is rendered due to it... Read More »