Define Exhaust?

Answer Exhaust is the combination of gases released from an engine as waste products. It is the result of fuel combustion, the end product of a certain mechanism of the automobile called the exhaust system.

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Define Cat Back Exhaust?

Cat-back (a.k.a. "catalytic converter back") exhaust systems are a popular add-on for enthusiasts seeking an increase in horsepower, fuel economy and torque. Additionally, these systems can add per... Read More »

Cat-back Exhaust Vs. Axle-back Exhaust?

Cat-back exhausts and axle-back exhausts are aftermarket car upgrades. These modifications increase the horsepower of a car. Aftermarket exhausts are larger diameter pipes that increase airflow and... Read More »

How to Fit an Exhaust?

An exhaust may look like a simple piece of metal with a tube running through it, but it is actually quite complex in terms of its function. Engineering one that works efficiently and soundlessly is... Read More »

How do I Clean an ETI Exhaust?

An ETI exhaust is an electronically tuned intake pipe in an engine bay that provides the cylinders with oxygen for the internal combustion process. Cleaning an ETI system is important to maintain t... Read More »