Define Bank Reconciliation?

Answer Bank reconciliation is the practice of determining discrepancies between the cash balance stated in the company's books and the balance in the checking account maintained by the company's bank. Ban... Read More »

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What is bank reconciliation?

Accurate financial records promote a sense of security in knowing one's financial status. Performing a bank reconciliation ensures that individual and business financial records are accurate and in... Read More »

Software for Bank Reconciliation?

Bank reconciliation software enables you to match all of your business transactions with your bank statements so that your records are accurate and current. You can use bank reconciliation software... Read More »

How do I prepare a bank reconciliation?

Where to startFor every transaction that is on your bank statement, make a checkmark next to the same entry in your check register. Double check that the dollar amounts are the same. Subtract from ... Read More »

How to Prepare a Bank Reconciliation?

here are several methods in reconciling the book balance and the bank balance. The adjusted balance method is preferred over book to bank method and bank to book method. Under the adjusted balance ... Read More »