Defective Oxygen Sensor Diagnosis?

Answer Diagnosing a defective oxygen sensor can be difficult as it is unlikely to cause major engine problems. However, a properly working oxygen sensor is important to maximize fuel efficiency and engine... Read More »

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Does a Defective Speed Sensor Affect a Transmission?

A typical vehicle has nine sensors, including the speed sensor, that communicate with the powertrain control module. This control center is how the engine understands what is occurring within the b... Read More »

Symptoms of a Defective Throttle Position Sensor?

A throttle position sensor is an electronic sensor in vehicles that tells the car the amount of fuel to use. When it does not work properly and becomes defective, the car can experience problems. T... Read More »

Signs and Symptoms of a Defective Crank Position Sensor?

The crankshaft position sensor is a component in modern automobiles that records the position of the engine's crank. The sensor also reads basic timing signals for fuel injectors and ignition syste... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Defective Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Every car has a mass airflow sensor (MAF). A critical component for engine performance and power, the MAF measures the flow and density of air into the combustion chamber of the engine. The resulti... Read More »