Deer-Resistant Ground Cover Plants?

Answer In rural areas as well as the suburbs, deer are increasingly becoming a garden pest, leaping hedges and fences to browse on ornamental landscaping plants. If you plan carefully, you can help stop d... Read More »

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Drought-Resistant Ground Cover Plants?

Ground covers are used to create a thick cover on the ground in the form of low-growing, rapid-growth-rate plants. Ground covers come in a large variety well suited to different growing conditions.... Read More »

Are torenia plants deer-resistant?

Torenia plants, such as the Catalina Pink, are resistant to deer. In addition, they are low-maintenance plants that are pet-friendly, attractive to birds and hummingbirds, and also tolerant of heat... Read More »

Deer Resistant Evergreen Plants?

Although no plant is 100-percent deer-proof, there are many the animals don't enjoy eating, including a wide range of evergreen plants. Evergreen plants are usuallyl in the landscape because they r... Read More »

Deer Resistant Climbing Plants?

Gardeners can grow a worry-free garden with a selection of deer-resistant climbing plants and vines. Deer do not like the bitter taste, odor and look of these vines. Since few plants are completely... Read More »