Deer Resistant Flowering Bushes?

Answer Many people enjoy deer, but these animals can be destructive to landscaped areas and gardens. Deer are selective feeders and knowing what plants they do not like can reduce costly damage to your pl... Read More »

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Is flowering quince deer-resistant?

Flowering quince is very deer-resistant, making it a good choice for landscapes with a large deer population. However, deer will still eat plants they do not prefer when food is scarce. There is no... Read More »

Are rose bushes deer resistant?

Rose bushes with many thorns are more deer-resistant than others. According to the University of Vermont Extension, deer like to eat hybrid tea roses but are less interested in certain rugosa, moss... Read More »

List of Deer Resistant Bushes & Flowers?

If you have deer in your area, chances are they will eventually find your garden. No plant or shrub is totally deer resistant, but choosing plants that are more deer resistant than others can save ... Read More »

Are old-fashioned snowball hydrangea bushes deer resistant?

Deer like to eat hydrangeas of all varieties, including snowball hydrangeas, which are also commonly known as Annabelle hydrangeas. Many people confuse the snowball hydrangea with the snowball vibu... Read More »