Deer-Resistant Coreopsis?

Answer Deer are cute, elegant and gentle, but that doesn't mean we want them in our gardens, acting as if it is an all you can eat salad bar. Deer are equal opportunity eaters and will munch on almost any... Read More »

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Are daylilies deer resistant?

Although no plant is deer-proof, the daylily (Hemerocallis) is deer resistant. If deer are hungry enough they will eat any plant, but toxicity, texture or strong flavor are deterrents for them. The... Read More »

Are petunias deer resistant?

Petunias are not deer resistant. Deer prefer petunias to numerous other plants. Gardeners will know if a deer is eating their plants if the torn plant is jagged instead of bitten straight from the ... Read More »

Deer-Resistant Flowers?

Nothing is more disappointing for a gardener than waiting for garden flowers to bloom, only to find the next morning that the neighborhood deer have eaten every blossom. You can still have a bloomi... Read More »

Deer Resistant Juniper?

Deer can be a gardener's nightmare. According to "Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance," featured on the Rutgers: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station website, there's no entirely deer-r... Read More »