Deer Netting on Shrubs?

Answer Hungry deer will eat almost any shrub, and can severely damage shrubs when they eat large portions of them. They also make them look less attractive when they eat blooms. Deer netting helps prevent... Read More »

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How to Install Deer Netting?

Deer nets should be at least seven feet high. Protect your garden and shrubs with deer netting. It can be simply draped over garden beds and shrubbery or it can be used as a second barrier along wi... Read More »

Shrubs that deer won't eat?

Here's a list rated by deer resistance. Keep in mind, you can't stop a hungry animal.

How do I keep deer from eating shrubs?

Store-Bought RepellentSpray the shrubs with a deer repellent available at most hardware stores and online garden websites.Plant Shrubs Deer Don't LikePlant several different species of shrubs that ... Read More »

How to keep Deer from eating my shrubs?

You can buy coyote urine at both garden stores or outdoor/hunting stores, that seems to help. You have to reapply from time to time though.