Deep down, don't you ever really, really want a bacon sandwich?

Answer The only meat I want to wrap my mouth around is your lovely tail, Grottykins!

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I cut my foot on something metal (dont kno what it is). It's really deep and keeps bleeding.ER or not?

If it is deep you will need stitches. If you do not go it will take a long time to heal and will be very sore and there could be complications also. You may need a tetanus shot also.

Have you ever had to stitch up a really deep wound by yourself?

No, that has never happened to me.But my flip flop broke once and I had to walk down the street with it barely hanging on.

How do I get rid of a mouse who seems to have claims squatters rights under our tv unit. I dont really want?

Sounds hars but if you kill it then it won't come back. If you did manage to trap it humanely and let it go then it has every chance of coming back as well as breeding and then where would you be.

I have really long hair and i dont like it .i want to cut it but my family dose not allow what should i do?

Well, it depends why your family does not let you cut your hair:Try this:1. Make a consultation at a salon.Do you feel bad that you made a consultation? Cancal it.You don't ? Go to the consultation... Read More »