Deep cut in my arm seems fine, do I need to see a doc?

Answer You should be just fine just keep it cleaned out and go get big gauze pads from the store medical tape and triple antibiotic and tape it up the reason for the cold and tingley feeling is from nerve... Read More »

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Pardon me if I a m lacking, but why do we need digital TV Everything seems to be working just fine?

No, its just another way to come up with another idea thats going to make somebody money. TV is fine the way it is.

It seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?

This condition runs in my family. My father had this, and had to have the wax removed every couple of years. I had this done when I was 12 myself.What you need to do is spend about a week softening... Read More »

How many gallons of water do you need to fill a 14 x 24 ft pool so the deep end is about 5 and a half ft deep and the shallow end is 3 ft deep?

%REPLIES% Answer 10,710. Answer 10,710. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feetPool cubic feet * 7.5 = ga... Read More »

My ink seems to be very faded when printing although my ink levels are fine, any idea why this is.?

Your jets might be clogged. Try running your head cleaning program.