Deep Ocean Water Resources?

Answer Deep ocean water (DOW) consists of oceanic regions where the water depth is over 600 feet (200 meters). In DOW areas, the water is usually cold, and minerals and nutrients are often present. Becaus... Read More »

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How many gallons of water do you need to fill a 14 x 24 ft pool so the deep end is about 5 and a half ft deep and the shallow end is 3 ft deep?

%REPLIES% Answer 10,710. Answer 10,710. The calculation for a rectangle pool is: ((Shallow end depth + deep end depth) / 2) * length * width) = pool volume in cubic feetPool cubic feet * 7.5 = ga... Read More »

Is brackish water more saline than ocean water?

Brackish water occurs when saltwater meets freshwater, such as estuaries where the sea reaches into a river. Therefore, brackish water has more salt content than freshwater but less than saltwater ... Read More »

What causes salt water and fresh water to mix in the ocean?

Diffusion causes the two to mix to achieve equilibrium of salt concentration.

What is the pH of ocean water?

The pH of the water in most areas of the world's oceans varies from approximately 7.9 to 8.2, and can reach 7.3 in deep estuaries, 8.6 in coastal plankton blooms and up to 9.5 in tide pools.Source:... Read More »