Dedicate a song to Randy K?

Answer it has to be this:…the cyber troll song.if you don't know the original listen to it then the troll version.

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HELLO R&P! Dedicate a song to your contacts (or a few)...?

Not to bad.Here is one song for you dear…and this is to all my contacts…take caredave

What song will you dedicate to one of our best on his birthday?

Thank You SO MUCH for this. I love You all!BA: The one You linked for Me!

What is a good song to dedicate to my dad?

Toby Keith's American Solider?…

R&P: What song would you dedicate to someone who tries to Ruin Your Day?

If you are referring to the phone call you had earlier, Cee Lo Green- "F*ck you"…Why give out your number to an idiot. Only 4 people on here have mine, and... Read More »