Decrypter for this below encryption code?

Answer Ok looks like you have missing files on your windows system.Quoted by CNetCryptographic hash functions are commonly used to guard against malicious changes to protected data in a wide variety of so... Read More »

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What type of encryption is this How would I decrypt it?

To encrypt a word use the ascii code set to shift individual letters:1st letter is shifted 0 places2nd letter is shifted 1 place3rd letter is shifted 2 places4th letter is shifted 3 placesand so on... Read More »

Ok ladies look at this below question and tell me if this is too spooky?

Lol, very spooky hun, and even if it's a coincidence it's still a nice one!And you never know, you just might have twins it's always a possibility, so good luck and double the sticky dust!

Is this dude legit Link below?

I dont think it is bc if it was he wouldnt put himself crying on youtube... it was probably just his friend or his dad acting...

What is a good name for this family below?