Decisions,Decisions!. Lumix LX3 or the new LUMIX GF1camera?

Answer The GF-1 uses a full 4/3 sensor (18mm x 13.5mm) while the LX3 uses a 1/1.63 sensor (approximately 7.6mm x 5.7mm). With a sensor that's 5.7 times bigger, which camera do you think will perform bette... Read More »

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How is Lumix pronounced as in the Panasonic Lumix digital camera line?

Why can't I put videos from my Lumix G2 onto my mac?

I'm envious of your camera. Really nice bit of kit there. You did not give any details so these are just ideas to check at the moment. I looked at the Pansonic G2 web site and couldn't find a manua... Read More »

Is Lumix another name for Panasonic?

Panasonic is a huge company and it produces many electrical products including stereo components (Technics 1), refrigerators and other appliances made under the name of "National Electronics"I once... Read More »

Which Lumix would you recommend?

If the GF3 is M43 then pick from any of these.…Megapixels is only about size. Getting lower doesn't necessarily mean you are not upgrading. I bought my 10M... Read More »