Decision Tree Algorithm in Data Mining?

Answer A decision tree is a computer-intensive statistical method for categorizing items including such things as people, businesses, websites or anything else based upon variables. It is especially usef... Read More »

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What is a data mining software?

Data mining software is a program that identifies and extracts patterns from data using methods such as statistical-based, pattern-mining and subject-based data mining. Data mining software can be ... Read More »

Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery Software Tools?

In 2006, pursuant to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect providing that electronic information is discoverable in civil litigation. Bec... Read More »

Difference between Dijkstra's algorithm and Bellman-Ford's algorithm?

Have a read of this and then make your own mind up; of luck with your research, Bob.

Decision Tree Training?

Economic or managerial analysis typically involves the use of decision making tools. One common tool is the decision tree, which involves detailing different decision outcomes based on the variable... Read More »