Decalcification/ hypo calcification help?

Answer It's called hypocalcification and it is due to something that disrupted the enamel formation process when the permanent tooth was forming while under the gums when you were a child. Nothing will re... Read More »

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Please help me, my husband is at the moment having a diabetes hypo attack, help?

oh so the first thing you do is come on here and ask us.get him some proper medical attention.

Tooth decalcification?

Fluoride and careful diet watch. Decalcification is due from either poor oral hygiene, diet, or a combo. Brush and floss. Fluoride helps reharden enamel. A fluoride rinse can be used or just don't ... Read More »

How much does it cost to fix decalcification after braces?

i'm about to get my braces off this friday, and unfortunately from the looks of things i have some decalcification around my gum lines. hopefully when theyre off it wont be as bad as im thinking bu... Read More »

Question about calcification.?

The healing process can be speeded up by taking physiotherapeutic treatment.