Debt-to-Market Ratio?

Answer Debt-to-market value is the long-term debt over the market value of the company. This ratio shows the percentage of debt a company has relative to the total value of the company as determined by th... Read More »

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What is a debt ratio?

A debt ratio is a number calculated that shows a company's debt compared to their assets. This number is used for comparisons and by investors. A debt ratio is a common ratio used throughout all ty... Read More »

Debt-Service Ratio?

Financial institutions use many different tools to measure the associated risk of lending to a potential borrower. Although these assessments do not guarantee the creditworthiness of a customer, th... Read More »

Debt-Revenue Ratio?

You and your accountant should sit down regularly to analyze your company's financial situation and discuss possible plans of action for the business. You must generate and analyze financial statem... Read More »

How do you figure debt to credit ratio?

According to Investopedia, a debt to credit ratio (which is also called a debt to income ratio) is a calculation financial institutions use to assess lending risk. For this equation, a lender makes... Read More »