Debt to Market Equity?

Answer Financial ratios help investors and analysts determine a company's financial structure and health. They guide investment decisions which hopefully lead to greater profits. One such financial ratio ... Read More »

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What is home equity debt?

Home equity debt is money that you have borrowed with loans that are secured by the value of your home. As you pay off your mortgage, or as the value of your home increases, so does the equity in y... Read More »

How do I calculate debt equity?

Importance of Debt- to-Equity RatioGain an understanding of the importance of knowing your company's debt-to-equity ratio. Frequently calculating the debt-to-equity ratio allows you to monitor purc... Read More »

Distinction Between Debt & Equity?

Debt is considered a liability, and may take the form of a bank loan or a line of credit. Equity, on the other hand, is considered an asset and may take the form of cash on hand. These two financia... Read More »

Debt to Equity in Construction?

Debt to equity swaps are a good way for firms to free up capital and pay down debt. Construction firms use debt to equity swaps whenever they need to adjust their cash flow, whether due to impendin... Read More »