Debt Vs. Equity Dividends Tax?

Answer Companies raise new funds by issuing debt or selling equity. A balanced portfolio includes investments in both debt and equity securities. The tax treatment of both investments depends on the type ... Read More »

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Debt to Market Equity?

Financial ratios help investors and analysts determine a company's financial structure and health. They guide investment decisions which hopefully lead to greater profits. One such financial ratio ... Read More »

The Meaning of Debt-to-Equity?

One of the fundamentals behind a business is its ability to pay back money borrowed for operating costs. A business that can leverage its borrowing power to increase production and therefore incre... Read More »

What is home equity debt?

Home equity debt is money that you have borrowed with loans that are secured by the value of your home. As you pay off your mortgage, or as the value of your home increases, so does the equity in y... Read More »

Normal Debt to Equity?

The debt-to-equity ratio measures the liquidity of a company by calculating the amount of debt in relation to the stockholder equity (cash). Looking at debt to equity is a quick way to determine if... Read More »