Debian vs Ubuntu. Original distro vs Forked distro?

Answer i'm debian user since 2003. i love debian because of their philosophy of free software, stability, flexibility, packages, etc. in addition, there are many distributions are based on debian, includi... Read More »

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How do I download and Install apps on Linux; Ubuntu Distro?

Installing Software on Ubuntu…Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) User Guide…LUg.

LAMP distro recommendations?

FreeBSD. Hands down it is the stablest Unix distro I have every worked with. Plus I've ran a GUI and had good response times with 96MB of Ram. You can go as low as 32 with a headless server.

How to Choose a Linux Distro?

Want to try Linux (or more accurately "GNU/Linux") but don't know which Linux to try? The "right" Linux for someone else might not be the right Linux for you and your system. Here's are some straig... Read More »

I want a weird Linux distro.?

you can try to look upon this top 4 another top of weir distros this time a top 13 here you'll find what you need