Debating vegetarianism?

Answer I could be wrong, but to me starting a debate would turn me off.Asking her the reasons she is vegetarian and particulars of her diet might be a good ice breaker though. That way you don't have to k... Read More »

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Debating Skills for Children?

Children should be taught how to debate a topic effectively. There is more to having an opinion on something than simply having an opinion. Organization of a child's thoughts is important to formin... Read More »

I'm debating on becoming a Vegetarian?

its a smart decision. nice that your recognizing animal's desire to live. all there is to going vegetarian is either cook at home go out to eat http://www.happycow... Read More »

How to Gain Confidence for Debating?

The typical feeling is known as stage fright, and it's the same thing in school and more mature events. These feelings are evoked from doubts. Particularly when you think the audience of your peers... Read More »

Ok i am debating on which camera i should buy.....?

You can compare the two side-by-side here:…If you're interested in photography the A530 may be a better choice. From what I understand, the PowerShot A-ser... Read More »