Debating vegetarianism?

Answer I could be wrong, but to me starting a debate would turn me off.Asking her the reasons she is vegetarian and particulars of her diet might be a good ice breaker though. That way you don't have to k... Read More »

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I'm debating on becoming a Vegetarian?

its a smart decision. nice that your recognizing animal's desire to live. all there is to going vegetarian is either cook at home go out to eat http://www.happycow... Read More »

Ok i am debating on which camera i should buy.....?

You can compare the two side-by-side here:…If you're interested in photography the A530 may be a better choice. From what I understand, the PowerShot A-ser... Read More »

I am debating a vacation away from this place?

ROTFLMAO!! I am sorry but after reading all of this i can not help but laugh. You all say she is taking Y/A to personally but look at all of you. LMAO Sorry but so many of you are Hypocrite's and i... Read More »

I'm debating on whether i should get the ipod touch?

i though the same thing before i got my ipod touch and now that i have it I'm glad i bought it. but if you have at&t or are thinking of switching you should think about the iphone hope i helped