Debates Vs. Arguments?

Answer If you live in a free society, you have the right to express your feelings and opinions. If you do express your opinions, be prepared for others to express differing points of view. In an academic ... Read More »

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How to Win Informal Arguments and Debates?

Skilled debating is an art. In order to win arguments and convince others of your views, you must understand the basic components of logic, psychology, and effective communication.

Debates About Homeschooling?

If you are just beginning to research the topic of homeschooling, you will find the subject wrought with controversy. If you are considering homeschooling, you might meet opposition from friends, ... Read More »

Techniques of Debates?

Dating back thousands of years, debate is an activity that is vital to public discussion and deliberation. In the United States, debate has become a popular activity for individuals in the politica... Read More »

Tips for Debates?

Debating is the process of providing a particular viewpoint with justification for your argument. Many people believe that debates take place in a formal setting, but a debate can be casual, too. A... Read More »