Debate: Vegetarianism: your opinion?

Answer To the "Cycle of Life"- I always say that in my opinion, the human race has evolved to the point where we no longer need to kill animals to survive. If said person talking to you lived a hunter/gat... Read More »

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What is Your Opinion on Vegetarianism?

It's probably great for you as long as you can get enough protein (like from soy or something). I will say that I've heard it's quite difficult. If you're only doing it for health reasons, I thin... Read More »

Opinion about waiving my vegetarianism for one day (tomorrow)?

You already know the answer that you want to hear, so why ask? If you can eat meat tomorrow and not feel guilty, or regret the decision later, than it is up to you. No one can tell you what to do a... Read More »

Which has been your funniest experience with meat-eaters regarding your vegetarianism?

While out camping with friends and their hyper a_s dog, who was a very cool little dog. They had steaks for all the people there but only dried generic dog food for hyperdog. So I lodge a verbal co... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Family's Non Vegetarianism?

If are or just have become a vegetarian, but if you're family aren't vegetarians well it can be hard work. Dealing with them eating meat around you, teasing you or meal time is too hard for everyon... Read More »