Debate Topics on School Uniforms?

Answer At some schools student dress is highly varied with the hallways a variable rainbow of hues, but at others students dress uniformly, all adopting the same standard style. The topic of school unifor... Read More »

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How do I Debate That Schools Should Have School Uniforms?

Debating "hot" or controversial topics can be an exciting and difficult task. There are many tips and tricks to being a convincing debater, regardless of the topic. School uniforms are an frequentl... Read More »

Debate Topics for School Projects?

A debate is a discussion between two people or teams with opposing views defending their opinion. Formal debates began in ancient Greece when public assemblies were held in an effort to help people... Read More »

Debate Topics for School Students?

A school debate can focus on an exciting topic that not only helps students enhance their public speaking skills, but also teaches them something they may have overlooked during their studies. Topi... Read More »

Debate Topics for Upper Middle School Students?

Utilizing debate in middle school classrooms challenges students to look beyond what they believe and use critical thinking skills to evaluate a problem from more than one perspective. Debate impro... Read More »