Debate 101 for Middle Schools?

Answer Debates in a middle-school setting can be a rich and beneficial experience for students. Middle-school students typically range in age from 12 to 14 years old. This is an ideal age for students to ... Read More »

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Debate Topics for Middle Schools?

Debating topics provides middle school students with an appreciation that there are always at least two ways to look at an topic. It encourages them to think about the world they live in and the is... Read More »

Debate Topics for Upper Middle School Students?

Utilizing debate in middle school classrooms challenges students to look beyond what they believe and use critical thinking skills to evaluate a problem from more than one perspective. Debate impro... Read More »

How do I Debate That Schools Should Have School Uniforms?

Debating "hot" or controversial topics can be an exciting and difficult task. There are many tips and tricks to being a convincing debater, regardless of the topic. School uniforms are an frequentl... Read More »

Debate on Using Surveillance Cameras in Schools?

The surveillance camera is an ever-present device used in modern society. Surveillance cameras are found in an increasing number of places -- including public streets, private buildings and public ... Read More »