"Death of a Salesman" Classroom Activities?

Answer The Pulitzer Prize-winning "Death of a Salesman" was written by Arthur Miller and published in 1949. Willy Loman is an unsuccessful traveling salesman who continues to fight to achieve the American... Read More »

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Dealing With the Death of a Parent Classroom Activities?

Crying, confusion and acting out almost always come with child suffering after the death of a parent. Teachers can help children cope with this process through activities in the classroom, some ove... Read More »

How many acts are in Death of a salesman?

What is the number of pages for Death of a Salesman?

That would depend upon the publication and the size of the print. Of course, Death of a Salesman is a play written by Artur Miller and is intended to be seen on stage in order to gain its full impa... Read More »

Why is Willy home in Death of a Salesman in Act 1?

He was unable to sell his products, and was having trouble driving, so came home