Dear sir i have night fall problem also vayu dosha,can it be treated and how?

Answer YES!!! Congratulations!! You are indeed pregonewt!! *throws confetti*

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Dear Muslims & Globe-Do you know -Your- Diabetes is treated with INSULIN -which is processed from PIGs blood?

You are wrong. Insulin today is DNA recombinant insulin which means it was made from a petrie dish to be exactly the same (minus an amino acid link or two) as human insulin's DNA.http://www.littlet... Read More »

Day fall after one day night fall.. What to do soo scared about immidatly?

you did not give us enough information. if you fall down a lot, talk to your doctor. hope you are alright.

Night fall and day fall?

it is unconscious ejaculation (often referred to as a wet dream). Perfectly normal, even if you are not dreaming about sex. Basically your hormones are working overtime at 17 years of age, over th... Read More »

Does a thyroid problem cause eyelashes to fall out?

On One Hand: Thyroid Issues Can Affect LashesAn issue with your thyroid, the hormone-secreting gland in the back of the neck, can cause the eyelashes to fall out. An over active or under active thy... Read More »