Dear Reputable Drs and Shaman, is there a place i can relocate my brain to should my head require amputation?

Answer I'm pretty sure we learned in science class that the female brain is mostly useless, like the appendix, and can be removed without harm.

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If you bump your head on the bus will there be any damage to the brain?

In general, bumped heads don't cause brain injuries unless a person gets a concussion. Signs of a concussion are a persistent headache (not a sore area on the scalp), blurry vision or difficulty ... Read More »

I've read a few places that Pittsburgh is a great place to relocate. Is it true?

As someone that lives in Pittsburgh, I absolutely love it here. Perhaps what is best about the region is that we have virtually all of the amenities of any large city (since it is a large city), bu... Read More »

Apart from eBay, where is cheapest, reputable place online to buy computer memory (UK)?

yep crucial, reputable and fast delivery. amazon very good too. i think at the minute theres a surplus of memory from taiwan so the prices have dropped. i use local suppliers in ireland for my co... Read More »

I've read that Buffalo, NY is a good place to relocate. I was kinda surprised, is it true?

I've lived here all my life and I've never had a problem with it.Good food, good people (generally), good Hockey, good bars, good colleges. World renowned medical institutions. World renowned Art... Read More »